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Artist information and links for getting in touch

Joanna Kaufman is an artist and illustrator in Trout Lake, Washington. She works from a studio located along the banks of the White Salmon River where nature's enduring inspiration and influence flows through her daily life and art on its way to the sea.

Deeply interested in the capacity of the visual and literary arts to open and define new realities and ways of being, Joanna's artwork often pairs words and images to both celebrate life and explore the creation of myth, meaning, and mystery.

Joanna's passion for interpreting stories within visual language combined with her knowledge of composition and design has allowed her to help businesses and individuals express stories in creative visual ways, such as with:

With a vision for making and publishing projects that delight and inspire, Joanna has an appreciation for the details that bring quality and spark to the process and outcome of each project.

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 Photo by  Leah Hedberg

Photo by Leah Hedberg

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